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The investigator’s quick response on my identity theft curtailed a lot of
additional fraud on my profile. I am so thankful that I have IDShield. It
would have been a nightmare to handle this situation myself.

IDShield Member

I am writing to thank you for providing understandable legal assistance to your clients. I needed advice on a legal matter and I was very well directed by my provider attorney. She returned all my calls in a very short period of time with clear and understandable explanations to my questions. Thank you again for having highly qualified professionals making our lives a little easier.

LegalShield Member

I wanted to notify you of my extreme satisfaction and commend my provider attorney and firm in Missouri. They went above and beyond in teaching me through my many, many questions regarding my Will and other estate planning needs. She was very informative and more so, very patient in taking care of my Will. When the first Will was returned with errors by me (not filling the questionnaire out correctly, not understanding how the final Will would be drafted), she took care of the changes immediately.

LegalShield Member

When I spoke with my investigator, she was very caring and understanding
about my situation and helped me tremendously. I feel like a huge weight has
been lifted off my shoulders.

IDShield Member

It is so wonderful to know I have someone on my side. When the other company sent me two pages front and back of things I have to do in order to be covered I was overwhelmed at best. What a blessing when my IDShield investigator told me all I have to do is change my passwords and contact the IRS. She took care of all the rest! Thanks again!

IDShield Member

I would like to thank both of our provider attorneys for their assistance and information concerning me getting my refund back from this contractor. After the phone call, I got my refund the next day. This service is invaluable and the attorneys are very compassionate, listening patiently and advising wisely. Thank you again.


LegalShield Member

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