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Law Officer Legal Plan (LOLP)

Protects you, 24/7/365, on and off the job.
Your family is covered at no additional cost.
See your plan contract for complete coverage details.

Retiring Early?

Reasons to use your plan:

• You are served with a lawsuit for improper arrest
• An inmate commits suicide while you’re on duty
• You discharge your weapon out-of-state to confront an active shooter
• Your insurance claim is denied
• You are tired of hidden cell phone fees
• Landlord raises rent in violation of your verbal agreement
• A creditor tries illegal collection tactics
• You have a lease or other document to sign that you don’t understand

Do you have enough lawsuit coverage?

Your benefits package covers some of your pre-trial and trial time, but is it enough? These hours can be crucial to the outcome of your lawsuit.

Additional trial defense hours are available with the Expanded Law Officers Legal Plan (ELOLP).

This expanded plan is only $10 more, and starts by providing an additional 15 to 35 pre-trial hours.


  • Regular Plan Pre-Trial Hours
  • ELOLP Pre-Trial Hours

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